Ramadan quotes

50 + Best Happy Ramadan Quotes for Muslim 2019

The Ramadan Quotes Ramadan requires the best Ramadan-ul-Quran offering you the most decent and humble best Ramadan. 2019. Ramadan is the biggest month of Ramadan in Ramadan. The Muslims felt delighted to send and receive the wishes of this sacred month, and the best Ramadan Coats 2019 helped you in this regard. Ramadan acts as burning for our sins, it is the opportunity to get God’s will and satisfaction. This sacred month helps to form, shape and reinforce its religious staff. Internal Ramadan in Ramadan and true wave of inner believer provides a wave of comfort. Here you can read …

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Death Quotes According to Islamic Point of View

Death is the reality .Every person and  living soul will taste death.Some people do not accept this realty.every living things come back to God one day.so that we should cant forget this realty.Some word, sentences and saying realizes this reality. these are called death quotes.

So Death quotes realizes us the real goal of life. and we don’t forget Allah. AND the Order of Allah. Regularity in payers is very important for successful life.

Death quotes


  • To Allah will be your return all together, then he will explain you of what you used to do.

  • Life is not guaranteed

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